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Avatar photoJane Johnson

I love how God spoke to you through this. I am smack in the middle of a building season that I’ve been wrestling through and fighting through to get the work done despite doubts, distractions, insecurities and all the things. I laughed out loud at your all-caps “IF YOU WILL JUST DO THIS” because it’s so true. I feel that with everything in me. “Quit worrying about it all, quit letting yourself get distracted and discouraged, quit with the excuses and just do it!” So good.

I did a quick search for a visual chronology of Ezra and Haggai and found this breakdown that might be helpful. Note: I haven’t looked at it too closely to check for accuracy, so take it with a grain of salt, research it, see if it fits. But it might help you get it all straightened out in your mind!